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Educational Seminars
Our lawyers constantly stay up to date on the latest legal developments, decisions and changes to the law. We are happy to provide educational seminars to our clients on the latest information.

If you or your company is interested in one of the following topics or in a particular area of law and would like to schedule a seminar with our team, please contact any one of our Lawyers.

• Damages Assessment in Personal Injury Settlements
• Directors & Officers Liability for Insurance Companies
• Dog Bite & Animal Escapes
• Material Changes in Risk
• Material Misrepresentation
• My Broker Never Told Me: Brokers Errors & Omissions
• Navigating Waterways: A Primer on Boating Litigation
• Occupiers Liability
• Social Media and the Defence: When will the courts make up their mind?
• Subrogation
• Up in Smoke: Legalized Marijuana and the Insurance Industry
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